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FiveM Server Hosting

Third-party multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto V Hosting

FiveM Hosting Packages

Performance oriented FiveM Hosting from Arctic Servers is a brilliant package for a community of any size. With customizable slot options and no customization restrictions we pride ourselves on having a package suitable for all of our clients. As standard with any Game Server you will recieve access to our fully developed TCAdmin 2.0 control panel where you will have the ability to manage, customize and mod your server as much as you'd like. Check out more of our features below!

Starting at £4.30 /month

Performance Servers

All of our Game Servers are hosted on our top tier 32-core Xeon server systems. With access to backup resources and a 99.9% uptime guarantee your FiveM server will perform to the highest of standards with us.

Fully Customizable

Included as standard with our package is full FTP and file manager access to all of your server files. Allowing you to modify and add parts to your FiveM server, suitable for any community or server project.

Purpose Built Control Panel

Our control panel is purpose built for all of our supported games. With in-depth features such as configuration editing, file manager access, and consistent additions throughout the development process of FiveM!

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Changed your mind? We uphold a 7-Day money back guarantee for any customer affected by unscheduled downtime or any other technical issue with their server preventing them from using it to it's full potential.

Why Host with Us?

A purpose built control panel for all of our Game Servers included FREE as standard with any order. Each of your servers will have a number of additional included features built into the control panel, making our panel purpose built for any game.

All of our rack servers are maintained to the highest of standards both inside and out to ensure your game server performs to the highest of standards with minimal downtime.

You can cancel your server / service at any time and by the end of the current billing month. You are not bound by any long-term contracts, and free to stay as long as you wish.