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Hello Visitor,

With the recent changes to our website layout, game server features and options are now displayed on the page after you press 'View Details'. On this page you can also proceed to place an order and customize your server using the 'Order Now' button presented.

We hope you have a pleasant experience with us!

Why Choose Our Game Servers?

What makes our Game Servers range better than the rest? Here is just a few of our amazing features.

Server Locations

We have servers in some of the worlds most popular locations ranging from Paris to London, Amsterdam or Frankfurt to St. Louis, USA. We have over four available locations and a huge network to cover your needs.

Mod Friendly

Modding your server has never been so easy, with one-click installations on plugins and mods for a variety of games and full FTP / File Manager access for games which require a little extra tinkering, our servers support it all.

Performance Storage

For compatible servers you have the option to host your server on a Solid State Drive to give it that extra edge in performance. Decreasing loading times and speeding up data transfer for those performance critical games.

Full FTP Access

Another feature of our Game Servers is the consistent full FTP access to all your server files (If compatible) at any time. The ability to swap and edit any files on your server makes our Game Servers some of the best to customize.

Purpose Built Control Panel

Each of our supported games has an equal amount of extra features on our control panel. From the basic configuration editors to mod browsers, version swaps, custom scripts ready to be used. Rest assured our control panel is built for your game.

Super-Fast Uplinks

All of our location systems are hooked up to 1Gbps uplinks for outstanding performance and latency across the globe. With a guaranteed 500Mpbs speed and global DDoS attack mitigation across all of our systems and high-tech data-centres.