About Us

A Little About our Company

Arctic Servers has been in the industry of hosting for over six years, specialising in a wide range of products and packages which have been specially tailored to fit the requirements of our clients. Our main services which we directly provide consists of Dedicated Servers and Game Servers, all with our own unique touch and client oriented approach along with our newest expansion into Web Hosting. Arctic Servers has always taken pride in having the most flexibility as a company and being able to accompany to any clients specific requirements or requests, being able to boast the clear message that we are 100% dedicated towards making your expirence as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Established in early 2011 with the intentions of being a small start-up to accomidate the needs of a small specific market Arctic Servers since has taken a massive leap in growth whilst ensuring to maintain its client and performance oriented approach. Our partnerships with some of the biggest and more well-known brands and companies have enabled us to provide the most extensive hosting packages around, with outstanding hardware performance through partnerships with Dell combined with some of the most efficient data-centre's through datadock with unbelievable network capabilities.

Our Network

Each of our Dedicated Servers and general hosting services are hosted at one of our state-of-the-art data centres in the location of your choosing. Whichever location you choose, you benefit from the highest possible level of availability, efficiency and most importantly, security. Along side these perks is the outstanding connection which connects it all, with our high-speed backbone and data transfer speeds in excess of 550 Gbit/s. Our main european locations, London, Paris, Roubaix and Strasbourg are also situated along the main European fiber optic route, giving our clients the fastest possible connection to users all across Europe.

Meet the Team

Meet the team of people who are dedicated to making your expirence with us the best possible.
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Support & Sales Assistant
Support & Sales Assistant
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